Time’s Up


Jack Bauer?  Who cares.

Garofalo is ugly

From the inside out.


"I have self-esteem issues, so you must suck."

"I have self-esteem issues, so you must suck."



4 Responses to “Time’s Up”

  1. Jean Husemann Says:

    Enough is enough. Who can watch this show anymore?

  2. ELC Says:

    “I have self-esteem issues, so you must suck.” That is so true!

    I picture Garofalo as one of those annoying people who goes through life looking continually into a mirror, figuratively speaking: she lambastes everybody who disagrees with her as small-minded, myopic bigots; in fact, that’s what she is but has no clue of that.

    I wish now that I were more into haiku. This blog just might make me take it up. 🙂

  3. SkiTaR Says:

    First: There is no basis or proof given to the claims of J.G. Are we to see her as one with knowledge & authority because she is on TV, movies, and formerly on radio? This is what so-called Hollywood or entertainment “experts” expect, is it not? Because she is interviewed by one such as Keith does that exalt her to be one to be listened to? Is this the political commentator, comedian, actress, historian, activist, psychologist, neurologist, , or some other “expert” speaking? Is this a Late Night comedy interview? I do not watch MSNBC nor have cable. Thank you MSNBC!

    Second: Take not that the one calling others racist, J.G. I will call her, is the one calling our president a “Black Man”. I, myself, consider everyone to be of “One Race”. It has been proven, genetically, that we are all of common original ancestry. Even, so I am told his Father was of darker melanin and his mother much lighter. Which, even to one who sees “black and white”, makes our president neither of the two. The disagreements are because of our president’s agenda and those of his administration and associates.

    Third: As a family, we are discussing skipping 24 the rest of the season. I too am not pleased with the global warming infomercials or do I mean propaganda nor J.G. and her public comments. I see no truth to the extremist claims pushing us into spending our resources on things much more costly and so unnecessary. That is the true waste of our given resources. I believe we are to be good stewards of what we’ve been given and entrusted with, however I know the earth will end as we know it at the appointed time. Man has no control over that.

    Fourth: Will I be sent to Gitmo for being “a Right Winger”? I hear I won’t be tortured there. That is a relief. I am looking on the list from Homeland Security to see if I may qualify for their Gitmo Bailout.

  4. daledog Says:

    Years ago, before she was political, she was somewhat cute and funny. What hate will do to a person!

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