Welcome to our coping mechanism!  We are a group determined not to sink into an utter funk for four years.  We have found serenity through Haiku. Oh…and emotional eating.  Join us as we maintain our peace of mind and rub our ever growing Buddha bellies.


10 Responses to “About”

  1. ezra marsh Says:

    Barack and Chavez
    Their picture together says
    Everything: we won.

  2. countrygurl Says:

    Love this site! Love it! How can I subscribe?

  3. allison Says:

    seen this story?

    Policy Makers Take Aim at Credit-Card Practices

    here’s my haiku:

    subprime bubble burst
    credit card bubble to come
    let’s inflate again


    One knows best who should
    get credit. limits are mean.
    subprime worked out well.

    paid my own mortgage
    conservative sucker me
    now i pay for yours


    credit card rates high
    to those who are bad risks, see
    no I won says he

  4. Brad ONeal Says:

    Marxist voted in.
    New American Revolution
    hopefully begins.

  5. CrankE Says:

    Specturd, D, P-A.
    Toomey, jilted in ’04
    Thanks, W. Great job.

  6. twiga Says:

    As I understand, traditonally were concerned with reflections on the natural world, and a human’s place in it.

    Loud dawn birdsong now?
    When I have work’d all the night?
    I hear Pelosi.

    Swans fly here, and honk
    I’m told these birds mate for life.
    so Union, Dems.

    See river, through trees
    It flows on, on it must flow on
    Dodd meets God: sad soul.

    And on his likely (R) opponent for Sen (CT)

    Simmons-smart, strong, brave
    currently unemploy-ed
    Hire him, dear C T !

    I first starting playing with short verse-forms because my landlord (friend) asked me to help his grandchildren come up with sort of ‘bumper sticker’ slogans about science. We came up with stuff like “What? Watt!” and “V=I/R… Breakfast of EE’s” when I suggested…. woot, feel one coming on…

    “E” is “MC” square
    Let’s build more nuke plants now, right?
    Not ‘Green’ enough, NO!

    This lead me to Emily Dickenson, the mighty mistress of the short verse, and easy to parody:

    To Dissaffected Conservatives:

    Because you did not stop to vote
    another votes for thee
    and so my friend, you now must bear
    Obama’s reign, for years (at least now) three.
    ixxiiojoirego, or something. Wanted to work in somewhere…(Yawn…)

    Sleep freshens the mind
    How I fight the socialists:
    Be awake, aware.

    ‘night now, best, gft

  7. Blaine Says:

    Sarah as Hamlet
    Ay, To be or not to be
    And perchance to dream

  8. Blaine Says:

    Harvard Professor
    demands an apology
    do not tread on me

  9. Blaine Says:

    Death Panels exist
    When I consult with doctor
    Now add bureaucrat?

  10. Blaine Says:

    Roman Polanski
    What goes around comes around
    A man with a past

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